mariposa monarca

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

The four seasons

Vivaldi would have to compose a different piece to describe the seasons here. Come to think of it, he would have chosen other instruments. The most difficult concept to explain to a person who has always lived close to the equator. How could I possibly evoke the sensation of leaving the building one fine spring morning to find the snow melting, the asphalt wet and steaming? Once, I opened the freezer and invited the person to stick her hand inside. But this momentary sensation of "my hand is cold" has little to do with the feeling of having a cold nose, ears, cold feet and hands for as long as one is outside. On the other hand, the first thunderstorm after a long dry season is also a memorable event, with or without blackout. The weather cycle is now tuned to: Nice and warm in the morning, hot at noon, cloudy in the afternoon and cool and wet at night. On some days, this cycle shifts a little, and people in the city here wake up to a gray drizzle of not very clean water that stops sometime before noon. I had heard that Mexico has basically two seasons: the dry and the rainy season. However, there is another concept to consider, not related to the passage of time. The seasons according to this concept are sunny, rainy, windy and cold. On some days, I can experience all of these. They appear in no predictable order. They last as long as they do, and then disappear for a while. The cycle disappears. There is only weather, now.

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