mariposa monarca

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Reality arises in language

I am reading a fascinating book about discourse analysis, a topic I can relate to because I am constantly and more often than not consciously changing the social and cultural contexts in which I am having conversations. The author of the book explains very well how we, as individuals, are integrating our experiences and how we use models of these experiences for future reference.
In another book that I recently read, it is explained just how these models, in this context called "emotional bookmarks" can actually be the cause of fatal accidents.
That, in itself, occurs to me as a dilemma. There seems to be no solution, as the brain has put in place some mechanisms of reaction that bypass the center of conscious decision-making.
However, who is to say? I am a human being, a complex system of all kinds of material (physical and mental). There is some training available that could just make the difference.

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