mariposa monarca

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Teachers’ Day

Dear teachers,

yesterday, May 16, was Teachers' Day in Mexico. On this day, the society acknowledges you, first and foremost, for what you do. As teachers, you transmit what you know to others and encourage them to use this knowledge to their benefit. You tell others that it is possible that they go beyond the place where you have arrived in life. You explain concepts and contexts to your students, and you often succeed in causing an understanding of things they did not even know existed before your class. You engage in numerous tedious chores that come along with these activities: You prepare your lessons, you are there to teach them, you patiently correct mistakes, and sometimes you give grades and credits, knowing about the impact they have on your students’ lives. All this, you do day in day out.

However, I also want to acknowledge you for who you are. You are people who make a difference. You are generous people who believe in the success of others, event when they have given up on themselves. How do I know this? I have been a student, time and again, in classrooms across different countries. I have met a good number of you. My teachers and peers continue to inspire me to learn, to use what I learned and to contribute this to anyone who is willing to learn from me.

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