mariposa monarca

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

México mágico
After more than ten years, it seems clear to me that this country and its people will never cease to surprise me. I have made an effort to learn the language, to read books about history and current events, and, to a certain extent, I could say that I have an inkling of what might be going on around me. But then again, I pick up a novel that narrates a rather trivial story about love, matrimony and passion, and I get the feeling that I am back at the outset of my adventure. Although, there is a song that comes with the book, that conveys an emotion, and this emotion can make an impression on me without requiring my understanding. That is a great experience! There may be nothing to comprehend for me, after all. I like being here, I like learning about my environment, and it sound like good news that I will never ever get it. I wonder whether the movie. will reveal some of this mystery. Interestingly, the English title “Tear this heart out” is somewhat less radical than the Spanish one “Arráncame la vida”, which means “annihilate my life”.

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