mariposa monarca

lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

This week starts with the series of good-byes, exchanged over the phone or in person. I am creating with friends and family that I am not “going away” in the traditional sense of the word. After all, I am staying on this planet, and to be in communication is not that difficult these days. It does take commitment and the intention to go through with it, however. It seems to help me to imagine what is possible in the future to create a commitment and an intention. I have not forgotten the first three months “out of the country”, some sixteen years ago, and the numerous hours I spent writing letters to “friends back home”. All in all, I believe I wrote about fifteen of them, to fifteen different people. I have not forgotten that one person who replied. I was in for a reality check. Regardless of how much someone says s-he is going to miss me, eventually most people get over me (this blog, for instance). The ones who don`t know where to contact me, and the recent development of new technologies has certainly helped.
Mon année 2009
Nous venons de passer une soirée extraordinaire avec notre communauté à Québec. Merci à tous d’être venus! Les partages me m’apportent la sérénité. Voici le message que nous avons reçu : « La vie est un voyage que nous faisons chacun à notre manière, en regardant de temps en temps le chemin accompli et en allant de l’avant pour relever de nouveaux défis. » Les possibilités que je crée pour 2009, tant pour moi que pour les gens qui m'entourent : Simplicité, Plaisir, Abondance.

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