mariposa monarca

sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

La vida en (p)rosa
Un poema para mí es un pequeño universo que me invita a experimentarlo. Cada poema deja una hoya en mi alma, como mis pies desnudos en la arena. Luego, la vida me presentará experiencias prosaicas que, poco a poco, arrastrarán estas hoyas deliciosas. Cuando estoy leyendo por recrearme, me encanta la poesía. Doy gracias a los poetas y a las poetisas que me regalan estos frutos deliciosos de su labor.
“Get lost and find yourself!”
The master gave us this instruction with an enthusiastic smile. I felt puzzled. My intention for this tai chi workshop had been to learn something – some “thing”. And now I am told to “get lost”. What am I to do? As I got up this morning, many years later, it dawns on me that this instruction was not meant as an invitation to action. It could have been meant as an invitation to transformation. As I think back, it could have been a request to discover emptiness. The beauty of tai chi is the experience of “letting go”. As I let go, something opens up, and a little bubble of “emptiness” appears. Learning, as I understand it, is about creating these little bubbles first, and then be ready to fill them with “something” that is available at that moment. This makes Transformation possible: the form changes while the content stays the same. I am grateful for this lesson that took me some time to “get”.

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