mariposa monarca

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Life is... an amazing experience
One of the books I am reading at the moment is about survival. As a human being, I have an instinct to survive, body and soul, and to continue to exist in this world. I know that I also have the basic idea about life that the further I advance in life, the “more experienced” I am, with the hope that this may help me in present and future situations. Laurence Gonzales recounts examples of situations where people died because of their “experience” and “expertise”. They died, because they made the mistake of not paying attention to the present, to what was occurring around them.
They way I like to look at my life is that it is a journey through an amazing universe. My universe is a maze that exists in time, space, mind, and any dimension I care to invent. There is no thing that is “right” or “wrong”, unless I say so. There is always something happening that I do not expect. To learn from these surprises is a skill I want to create mastery in. This requires of me to give up the expectation to live in a “comfort zone”. I am taking a risk by making choices, but I get to say whether I win or lose at a game. The people in my life are invited to contribute to this experience. They are welcome to contribute, from their point of view. The art of living consists in integrating these contributions from my point of view, and to create synergy of our ideas. The fact that it was scientifically confirmed a few years ago that our universe is expanding inspires me to “go with the flow” and to create this expansion, in the here and now.

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